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Dog Training

Through conversations about you personal and professional lifestyles we will help you create goals to live your fullest life with your dog. Whether you have a new puppy or adult dog there is always something to learn and we are here to help teach you.

a french bulldog giving a person his paw - a common dog training trick
Dog Training Benefits

Our dog training programs offer:

  • Plans focused on mental and physical stimulation using our Elements of a Great Dog® tool
  • Offerings to fit all needs
  • Behavior monitoring through New Dog Integrations and ongoing Behavior Evaluations
  • Convenient virtual appointments


  • Private Lessons (At-home and On-site)
  • Group Classes
  • Train & Play (sessions during day or overnight care)
  • Have a Great Dog® Program
  • Virtual training
  • Phone Consultations
Check out a week-by-week guide to a first year with a new puppy Want some more quick tips? Our classroom videos are an excellent source of easy to use and easy to teach training knowledge.
Have a Great Dog® Program

Have a Great Dog® is a nine month program to get a socialized, well-mannered dog who turns heads at the park. From housebreaking to leash walking, we guide you through best practices. Don’t lose another shoe to teething or another leg to humping – start reducing your stress today!

Training Rates
Per SessionPack Rate
Train & Play (30 Mins)$100
5-Pack Train & Play$97$485
10-Pack Train & Play$90$900
At Home Private Lesson (60 Mins)$275
*Virtual Private Lesson (30 Mins)$79
5-Pack Virtual Private Lesson$75$375
10-Pack Virtual Private Lesson$70$695
*Virtual Private lessons are limited to specific training issues.
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