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Terms of Service

Included on this page:
Requirements for Using Our Services

In order to utilize our services, every client must complete a client and dog profile and read and sign our waiver. In addition, each dog must remain current with all vaccinations as required by the NYC Department of Health and wear an identification tag at all times. We also require that dogs are suitable for our unique environment including being safe with other dogs and our staff. We require these things of all dogs so that we can provide them with the best experience possible and so that you can know that we are doing all that we can to ensure the health and safety of your dog and our staff in the context of our cage-free and off-leash environment.  For an overnight stay, please be aware our 24-hour care is priced on a 24-hour period.  A pick-up after this period will incur a day care charge.  Please note that unless otherwise noted in writing all services and products are non-refundable.  For more information, please consult our Client Handbook or ask us any questions that you might have.

Vaccinations Required

The health of the dogs in our care is our number one priority. To that end, we require that all dogs using any Biscuits & Bath service be currently vaccinated against rabies, distemper, hepatitis (adenovirus), parainfluenza, parvo and bordetella. That commonly means that you need the following vaccinations administered by a veterinarian:

Most NYC veterinarians administer a booster commonly referred to as DH2PP, DA2PP, DHPP, or Distemper/Parvo which vaccinates against distemper and parvo, in addition to hepatitis (adenovirus), and parainfluenza. Please consult with your veterinarian to ensure that you have the proper vaccine coverage. Please note that for puppies this means that your puppy must be up to date with their current series based on their age. We require vaccination certificate on the veterinary clinic letterhead, with given expiration dates for all other vaccines/wellness items administered to the dog; we keep records of your dog’s vaccination expiration dates to help you keep your dog current with his or her vaccinations.

If you would like to have your dog vaccinated during your next stay at Biscuits & Bath please make an appointment as one of the veterinarians on our premises would be happy to assist you for your convenience (veterinary services provided by New York Veterinary Practice, PLCC).

Rabies Certificate Requirement

We require the following records for your dog:

Bordetella Vaccine – Annual Requirement

Please note that as required by the NYC Department of Health, your dog must receive the Bordetella vaccine annually. This vaccine is intended to prevent the spread of bacteria that can lead to what is commonly known as kennel cough. Please note that there are many strands of “kennel cough”, and the vaccine only covers some of those strands, therefore it is possible for your dog to contract symptoms even if he is vaccinated. Also, the bacteria is airborn and can travel across 3-4 city blocks, thus it is nearly impossible to pinpoint the source of the exposure. The NYC Department of Health requires this vaccine done annually as the vaccine is updated regularly for new strands of the bacteria, much like with the flu vaccine for humans.

Sick Dogs

All dogs using our services must be healthy as we care for a large number of animals. We will not admit any dog that we believe, at our sole discretion, to be a risk to the other animals in our care. It is your responsibility as a parent to notify us of any health related issues affecting your dog so that we can make an informed determination about how to best care for your dog. Customers that do not inform us in a timely manner of any health issues, knowingly bring their dog to us while he or she is sick, or do not make all efforts possible to remove their dog from our facility once determined to be a risk by us will be subject to a surcharge of $500. In addition, at our discretion, those customers may not be allowed to use our services again and in that case will forfeit any unused portion of their membership without a refund.


While we make every effort to ensure that each dog in our care is as safe as possible, injuries can occur. If your dog is injured while in our care for any reason, and requires outside medical attention that our veterinarian cannot provide on-site, we will take your dog to one of the emergency hospitals in New York City (The Animal Medical Center, Fifth Avenue Veterinary Hospital, or New York Veterinary Specialists). These hospitals specialize in emergency and critical care and have state-of-the-art equipment. Our first priority will always be the care of your dog and therefore getting them to a top hospital quickly will be our first step. If your pet, while under Biscuits & Bath’s care or supervision, bites another dog on the Biscuits & Bath’s premises or under Biscuits & Bath’s care or supervision, and such bite results in an injury that requires veterinary care, Biscuits & Bath will contact the owner of the bitten dog and upon written request of the bitten dog’s owner, Biscuits & Bath will promptly divulge in writing (1) the name of your pet, (2) your name and contact information, (3) and any medical information necessary for the health and safety of the bitten pet. Under all circumstances, the health of your dog is our first priority and we will make every effort possible to make sure he or she is safe and receives the proper care.


24-Hour Care Rates

In order to serve you 365 days per year, and just like a hotel, our rates for 24-Hour Care vary throughout the year.  Please ask one of our Associates for specific rates during the days of your planned stay.  Please note that our rates for 24-hour care are higher on the following federal holidays:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve Day

In addition, we have five extended holiday periods, which are the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day Weekends, as well as the Friday to Sunday after Thanksgiving and December 26th to December 30th, during which we charge a higher rate per 24-hour period.  Membership discounts for overnight care do not apply during holiday periods.

Client Handbook

Please consult our Client Handbook to better understand our policies and rules. Please note that by using any of our services you acknowledge that you have read our Client Handbook and agree to be bound by all of its terms, rules and conditions. This will help both you and Biscuits & Bath ensure that your dog has the best experience possible. Please call us at (212) 419-2500 if you have any questions.

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