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Veterinary Care

Our goal is to help you stay ahead of the common health issues which plague dogs and their owners. As the only provider with on-site veterinary care our practice is a high-touch environment fostering on-going dialogue with you about your dog’s health needs.

New York Veterinary Practice offers full-service veterinary care at all Biscuits & Bath locations with a focus on preventative care.  In addition to general wellness care (i.e. vaccinations) NYVP also offers ultrasounds, surgical procedures (including spays/neuters), deep dental cleaning, and national/international certificates.

Why go to a vet on the other side of town if your dog can enjoy a whole wellness experience at Biscuits & Bath. We know all of our dogs by name and temperament, giving us the understanding needed to treat them properly. If something comes up during a walk, day care, or an overnight stay we will know just what to do. After your dog’s grooming, why not schedule a checkup? Experience the benefit of having complete care for your dog under one roof.

Browse Our Veterinary Wellness Plans

From UNLIMITED examinations to vaccinations, wellness bloodwork, recovery care, and more – it’s all included in one convenient package. No need to worry about multiple transactions or unexpected costs throughout the year. Secure your pet’s well-being with a single purchase that provides peace of mind for 12 months.

Veterinary Care Benefits

  • Total Wellness: We go beyond veterinary care, collaborating with groomers, trainers, and dog walkers to ensure your dog’s health, exercise, and mental stimulation.

  • Prevention: We do not just wait for sickness.  We work with you to craft a wellness plan to enhance your dog’s long-term health and quality of life.

  • Convenience: We care for your dog during grooming or overnight stays, eliminating the need for your presence and transport. Plus, we offer telemedicine, saving you trips to the vet.

  • Communication: Connect directly with your dog’s veterinarian outside of appointment hours, even as late as 10 pm daily, for added convenience.

  • Knowledge: We gain unique insights by observing your dog at play, often detecting health changes through behavior before these signs show up at home.

  • Experience: Our committed team of doctors, each dedicated to gold-standard care, averages 11 years of medical practice.
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