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Health & Safety

With a 99.93% safety rate* there is no safer place for your dog than Biscuits & Bath. With in-house dog trainers and veterinarians supervising care, and technology that is proven to neutralize coronavirus by 99.92%, you can rest easy knowing that you and your dog are as safe as possible at Biscuits & Bath.

We are the Safest Place

Keeping a dog at home all day is not safe – no exercise, lack of socialization, weaker immune system, and a struggle to adjust to new people, places and dogs.  Biscuits & Bath is the safest place for your dog.

  • Our care is supervised by in-house veterinarians
  • Our care is supervised by in-house dog trainers
  • Dogs in our care receive complimentary New Dog Integrations, Behavior Evaluations and Walk Assessments
  • We are honest with people when their dog is not a good fit
  • We ensure that all dogs are up to date on vaccines
  • Overnight care services have 24-hour supervision
  • Our facilities are outfitted with AtmosAir technology which is proven to neutralize coronavirus by 99.92%
  • Our facilities are designed in-house with dog-safe surfaces, safety doors, and floor drains
  • Our proprietary technology allows us to customize your dog’s care to fit his or her unique needs
Our COVID-19 Specific Protocols and Procedures
Client COVID-19 Protocols

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Associate COVID-19 Protocols

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* 99.93% safety rate is out of ~200,000 supervised care stays in 2019

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