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Important Expectations for Clients

We are excited to begin our journey together as we help you identify and accomplish your goals as a dog owner.  Good relationships start with clear expectations.  Below are a few important expectations that we have of you as we begin our relationship.

  1. To Serve You We Need to Get to Know You
    We are not a transactional business and can deliver the best care when we serve you on an ongoing basis.  Doing so requires open communication and a commitment from you.

  2. We Are Not Perfect
    Caring for live animals is very challenging and on occasion we will make mistakes.  We work hard to be transparent and seek to constantly improve by learning from our mistakes.  This will require your patience and understanding.

  3. We Do Not Aim to Be the Lowest Cost Solution
    Providing exceptional care and peace of mind requires amazing people supported by state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding technology.  We consistently invest in improving the client and dog experience.  You have our commitment that we will not cut corners at your expense.

“You can tell everyone here loves their job and they really care for your pet. I can’t imagine taking my dog anywhere else – thank you!”

– Sarah S.

“We are blown away by the level of service and constant care for our pup. The facility itself is brand new, clean & great. Highly recommend!!!”

– Kyle W.

“Any pet parent can understand what a relief it is to know that your pup is cared for while you are not there. Thank you, Biscuits & Bath UES!”

– Ivy L.

“He was very anxious when he first came and the staff was so patient with him and B&B quickly became his second home! The staff treats him like their own and he is so excited when we take him to daycare!”

– Alexandria S.

“They take a genuine interest in welfare of the dogs, are excellent at following any special instructions including for medications. Those services have been very good. We have no hesitation giving an unqualified recommendation.”

– Valdemar Bertelsen III

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Video Guides

We’re here to make you the most capable dog owner possible and help you achieve your goals. Check out these guides you can implement in your daily lives to make owning a dog fun, easy and possible.

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Barking And Your Sanity:

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Pulling On Leash

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Children And Dogs

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Solutions For Boredom

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Creating Boundaries

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Biscuits & Bath Video Tour

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