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Have a Great Dog Program

Have a Great Dog® is a nine month program to get a socialized, well-mannered dog who turns heads at the park. From housebreaking to leash walking, we guide you through best practices. Don’t lose another shoe to teething or another leg to humping – start reducing your stress today!

Kickstart Your Dog’s Journey!

Transformative Nine-Month Journey:
Together, we’ll navigate each crucial stage, forging a bond that’s both successful and strong, spanning nine transformative months.

Crafted Just for You:
Explore a roadmap carefully curated for both new and seasoned dog owners. From housebreaking to leash walking, we’ve simplified the journey, so you can enjoy every moment without the overwhelm.

Expert Guidance:
Benefit from expert guidance that eliminates the need for extensive research.

Tailored for Success:
We recognize that every dog is unique – we designed our program to accommodate various breeds, sizes, and temperaments.

Confidence Without the Guesswork:
Wave goodbye to uncertainty and hello to confidence. Our program isn’t about rules; it’s about empowering you to nurture a well-behaved and joyful dog, minus the stress.

unpack have a great dog®
BEHAVIOR & MANNERS⁴Canine CrewPack ProTop Dog
Confidence Building TrainingMONTHLYMONTHLYBI-WEEKLY
House Breaking Training⁵MONTHLYMONTHLY
Loose Leash Walking Training MONTHLYMONTHLY
Real World Preparation Training MONTHLY
SOCIALIZATIONCanine CrewPack ProTop Dog
Daycare⁶2X / WEEK3X / WEEK5X / WEEK
Trainer Supervised Pack Integration✔️✔️✔️
Puppy Playgroup⁷✔️✔️✔️
EXTRA BENEFITSCanine CrewPack ProTop Dog
Memberships5% OFF10% OFF15% OFF
Veterinary Wellness Plans5% OFF10% OFF15% OFF

Please Note:

  1. Pre-scheduled 15min feedback call of what is going well, challenges, and next steps with your Director of Client Relationships. Weekly during first month. Monthly thereafter.
  2. Personal phone line for help in the moment with your Director of Client Relationship.
  3. Help with setting up your dogs sleeping/downtime area for safety and comfort. First month only.
  4. Good Manners are performed during Daycare as 30min sessions (owner not present)
  5. At-home 60min session to go over potty training best practices, must be in Manhattan, below 110th St.
  6. Two daily at-home sitting until dog has complete Bordetella and two rounds of DHPP vaccinations to be in Daycare. Must be spayed/neutered by eight months.
  7. For dogs a year of age and under, first starting socialization. 1535 First Ave Thu. 6pm-7pm and Sun 9am-9:30.
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