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Biscuits & Bath was built on the belief that dogs meaningfully enrich our lives. At the same time, we know that having a dog can be challenging and sometimes even stressful. We get it and are here to help. We make having a dog fun, easy and possible.



Founded and run by dog lovers, Biscuits & Bath knows first-hand the joys and stresses of owning a dog. Our Net Promoter Scores (client happiness ratings) are consistently the best in the industry and over 80% of our clients say the primary reason they use Biscuits & Bath month after month is because our team is like family. We treat your dog like our own.



At Biscuits & Bath we know that you are busy and having a dog can be a lot of work. We are the ONLY provider in NYC that can meet all of your dog care needs and make it easy for you. Need a trainer? Check. Need a veterinarian? Check. Need a groomer? Check. Need a place to board your dog? Check. Day care, dog walking, boarding, grooming, training, veterinary care, and transportation – check, check, and check. Whatever you need we have you covered.



Your needs are unique. We have dedicated client specialists that dedicate all of their time getting to know your needs and creating a custom care plan just for you. Our proprietary technology allows us to customize your account in hundreds of ways so that we care for your dog just the way you want. As many clients as we have is how many individualized care plans that we offer.



When it comes to your dog, a member of your family, there is too much at stake to cut corners, even if it means saving a few dollars. At Biscuits & Bath we are fully licensed, insured and do everything by the book. Oh, and in case something ever happens (we are not perfect after all) we aren’t going anywhere. You can rest assured knowing that we are doing everything the right way to ensure the best care for you and your dog



Caring for dogs is hard work which is why most places won’t let you see everywhere in their facilities. Biscuits & Bath is like a restaurant where you can eat in the kitchen whenever you want. Our facilities are designed for visibility – lots of glass and we LOVE giving tours. Our staff is trained to communicate what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. After all you are buying trust and trust starts with transparency.



With almost 25 years of in-house design experience based on millions of dog interactions, our facilities are thoughtfully designed for the utmost in safety and enjoyment. Unique design elements include AtmosAir technology which neutralizes coronaviruses, glass throughout which promotes transparency, and interior doors that open in for dog safety. Our front desks are even specially designed so a Labrador Retriever can put its paws up (only if allowed of course) to say hello and ask for a treat! All of our design is done in-house by our team of experts.



Great dog care comes from passion and experience. With 30+ years of experience and 5 million+ dog interactions we are leaps and bounds beyond our competition. Our belief in constant improvement means each interaction improves our service.



Delivering great service takes a shared purpose, unified culture and a lot of collaboration. The only way to do that is with a dedicated team. At Biscuits & Bath everyone caring for your dog is directly employed by the company. No contractors, no partnerships, no mercenaries – one team with one shared purpose.

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