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Get a dog

The first step to being a responsible dog owner begins before you ever bring a dog home. Our program helps you find a match for your lifestyle.

Program Benefits

Are you looking to get another dog?

Do you have a friend, colleague, neighbor, or acquaintance who is thinking about dog ownership?

Our Get a Dog Program helps you find your match by:

  • Assessing your personal and family needs
  • Finding a breed that fits your lifestyle
  • Picking a reputable breeder
  • Setting-up your living space
  • Creating a wellness schedule with our veterinary team
  • Introducing your dog to the family and home upon arrival
  • Tailoring a schedule that meets your dog’s wellness needs including: socialization, exercise, housebreaking, basic obedience, and hygiene

Dogs are more than pets; they’re a part of your family. At Biscuits & Bath, we want to make it easy for you to find a puppy that is the perfect fit for your family. It might be tempting to pick out the cutest pup you can find on the Internet, but there’s so much more to choosing your new four-legged friend than looks. You have to consider the dog’s breed, temperament, size, and diet, as well as his or her needs–and yours!

The Get a Dog Program makes finding the dog your family will love a hassle-free process. We do the research and use our expertise to find puppies for you to choose from that will match your lifestyle and breed preferences. When you browse our photo gallery puppy selection, you know that every adorable pair of eyes staring back at you belong to a dog that is a good fit for your home, schedule, and family.

Once you’ve made the big decision, we get the honor of dropping off your new furry friend to their forever home. There’s nothing better than seeing a puppy getting comfortable in its new space and connecting with a family that is so ready to love it. We place and set up the crate, leaving you to simply enjoy the excitement and energy of your newest addition.

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