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Week-by-week: A fun filled first year with your dog

Having a puppy is so exciting! Their development week-by-week is vital during their first year of life. Having a plan in place for their training as well as their socialization is the key to your best dog!

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week-by-week 7-9 weeks old puppy
Age 7-9 Weeks
Puppy Basics
  • Book your first vet visit and continue your schedule and puppy-proofing. Remember consistency is key; do not give in if your puppy is fussy
  • Take your dog outside in the carrier and introduce them to the sounds and smells of your neighborhood.
  • Once your dog is cleared by your vet, you may begin socialization in a monitored environment like Biscuits & Bath

week-by-week 9-12 weeks old puppy
Age 9-12 Weeks
  • Implement regular training into your schedule with a Trainer, this is when your dog is first able to start learning at a higher level.
  • Begin working on name recognition, rewarding and giving attention for the right behaviors, and discuss training plan with a Trainer.
  • Bring your dog for their first partial day of daycare with their first brush-out. It’s important to establish positive association with their first grooming, i.e., cleaning of the pads, trimming of the paws and nail trim.

Age 13-16 Weeks
  • Schedule a one on one session with your Trainer to create a new schedule for outside potty training as well as chewing / teething.
  • Your dog will become more independent and willful, pay close attention to where and when.
  • Schedule training time for basic obedience.
  • Begin regular socialization at Biscuits & Bath and daily walks from home, a regular schedule is key.

Age 16+ Weeks
  • Create an on-going training schedule with your Trainer on all adolescent behaviors such as nipping, jumping, potty training, and leash behavior.

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