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A Lasting Relationship

Biscuits & Bath is the total wellness destination for you and your beloved companion.

From day care to dog walking, veterinary care to grooming, we have everything your dog needs all under one roof

dclick_399x281Our way of saying thank you

Biscuits & Bath offers rewards points for every dollar that you spend with us. As your points add up, redeem them for discounted or complimentary services. This unique program that only we offer is one of our many ways of saying "Thank You" to all of our loyal clients! Ask us about the rewards program today so that you can start earning and using your valuable points to pamper your pet!

Supervised Care500 Points750 Points1000 Points1250 Points1750 Points2250 Points
Day Care20% Off40% Off80% OffFree
Play Day Special*20% Off40% Off80% OffFree
Dog Walking
Fun Walk (30 min)*30% Off60% OffFree
Park Run (1 hour)*20% Off40% Off60% Off80% OffFree
Grooming (haircut not included)
Manicure & Pedicure50% OffFree
Teeth Cleaning50% OffFree
Ear Cleaning50% OffFree
Hot Oil Treatment50% OffFree
Bath & Brushout10% Off20% Off40% Off50% Off75% OffFree
Train and Play Session10% Off20% Off30% Off40% Off80% OffFree
B&B Private Lesson5% Off10% Off15% Off20% Off40% Off50% Off
At Home Private Lesson———5% Off10% Off15% Off25% Off35% Off
Group Class———5% Off10% Off15% Off25% Off35% Off
Pick-Up OR Drop-Off*50% Off75% OffFree
Pick-Up AND Drop-Off*25% Off50% Off75% OffFree
Evening Play TimeFree
Passport50% OffFree
Identification Tag50% OffFree

*Available in select areas of Manhattan.

Program Rules:

  • Each dog is awarded one point for each dollar spent at Biscuits & Bath for all goods and services.
  • Points remain valid for six months after which they expire.
  • Points cannot be redeemed during holiday periods.
  • Only one redemption per reservation allowed.
  • Points must be redeemed before a reservation is made.
  • All offers are subject to availability.
  • Biscuits & Bath may, in it sole discretion, change its rewards program rules, awards, and special offers at any time, with or without notice.