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Dog Walking

We have safely completed over one million walks. By taking no shortcuts, even if it takes longer and cost more, you will find your dog exercised, stimulated, and in a better state than you left them.

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Dog Walking Benefits

Our dog walking services are reliable and encourage consistency. With our package options you get:

  • Guaranteed service (if your walker is sick we always have a backup)
  • NO pack walks
  • Over one million dogs safely walked
  • Walkers are bonded and insured
  • Unique four-point safety system

Learn more about how dog walking can help you to Have a Great Dog

Watch a video of how our dogs are walked.

Dog Walking Rates

Please note: These rates apply to off-site walks for dogs not currently in our care. CLICK HERE to explore different rates for in-care dogs who are already in one of our Biscuits & Bath services for the day (e.g., daycare, overnight care, grooming, etc.). These rates include waived transportation fees as the dogs are already on-site.

Off-Site WalksRate per WalkMonthly Cost
One 30 Min Walk$49
Five 30 min walks/week$33*$760
Ten 30 min walks/week$30*$1,400
One 60 Min Walk$70
Five 60 min walks/week$46*$1,050
Ten 60 min walks/week$43*$1,975
*Dog Walking Packages are based on a calendar month (from the 1st to the 30th/31st). While we provide the daily cost breakdowns to demonstrate savings associated with our packages, payment is accepted exclusively on a monthly basis.

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With our tailored care options, we’re confident we can accommodate your needs and your dog’s preferences. With countless options available, it’s impossible to list them all.
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