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Dog Daycare

Establish a well-adjusted dog with early mental and physical stimulation. Our socialization is divided by size and temperament and our population is proactively monitored for illness, common in group settings, to ensure a safe and healthy off-leash environment.

a golden retriever id a blue room with other dogs: dog daycare
Dog Daycare Benefits

Our dog daycare gives you:

  • Off-leash exercise and socialization
  • Trainer supervised play
  • In-house veterinary supervision
  • Complimentary New Dog Integrations and Behavior Evaluations
  • Personalized care to match your dog’s temperament and energy level
Daycare Rates
Daily RateMonthly Cost
Partial Day$40
Full Day$68
Two days per week$60$600
Three days per week$56$790
Five days per week$42$970
Seven days per week$37$1,150
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Walk Rates while at Biscuits & Bath
Daily RateMonthly Cost
One 15 min Walk$20
Five 15 min walks per week$16$375
Ten 15 min walks per week$14$650
One 30 min walk$27
Five 30 min walks per week$22$525
Ten 30 min walks per week$20$945
One 60 min walk$55
Five 60 min walks per week$42$975
Ten 60 min walks per week$40$1,850
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