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Surgical Dog Boarding

Relieve yourself of the worry and extra duties of post-surgery care all under the watch-full eye of a medical professional.

example of the care provided during surgical onboarding. Two veterinary professional holding a dog while the veterinarian examines it with a stethoscope
Surgical Boarding Benefits

Surgical dog boarding is a simple add-on to any spay/neuter or dental procedures, eliminating surprises and ensuring thorough care.

  • Pre-Surgery Care:
    • Bath (dogs cannot be groomed for 7-10 days post-op)
    • Ensuring all pre-surgery protocols are followed (e.g., no food night before surgery)
    • Dedicated staff and on-site vet
  • Post-Surgery Care:
    • Medication administration
    • Wound monitoring and treatment
    • 24/7 monitoring with quick response
    • Individual walks for light exercise and relief until they are ready to socialize

After your dog undergoes surgery, ensuring a smooth recovery can be demanding for pet owners. The post-surgery period involves timed medications, monitoring, and often the use of an e-collar. Recognizing the challenges caregivers face, we provide a surgical dog boarding option to enhance your pet’s care. Our aim is to alleviate your concerns, offering peace of mind and an elevated standard of care for your beloved pet. Let us handle the extra duties, so when your pet returns home, they’ll be back to their cheerful self, eagerly awaiting your reunion.

We believe in this system to provide comprehensive care for your pet, minimizing surgery anxiety and potential negative reactions through familiarity with our facilities and associates.

For dogs with special needs, we ensure proper administration of medications, monitor for reactions, and provide individualized care. In case of extenuating circumstances, prompt communication is guaranteed. Your dog won’t deviate from their regular schedule with us, aligning with Biscuits & Bath’s Total Wellness Approach.

What Will Happen Over the Next Two Weeks?

1. You will receive your surgery paperwork within 48 hours of your appointment.
Call or email us if you have not received it or have any additional questions.
Tel: (212) 419-2500, Email:

2. Complete the surgery paperwork, provided by the vet team and email it back to us 24-hours prior to appointment.

3. Schedule a pre-op bath/grooming the day prior to surgery. Dogs will not be allowed to get wet with stitches.

4. Schedule post-op boarding so your dog may stay in our supervised care while he recovers. Enjoy 24-hour supervision, on-staff vet, and individual walks.

5. Do not give food or water after midnight, the night before the exam.

6. Receive a post-op call when your dog is awake from anesthesia. Post-op email update that evening, after 6pm. Call or email us if you have not heard from us.
Tel: (212) 419-2500, Email:

7. Schedule your post-op exam seven days after the surgery.

8. Schedule a post-op grooming for your dog for seven days after the exam & after clearance from the vet.

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