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Dog Walking Benefits

We have safely completed over one million dog walks. By taking no shortcuts, even if it takes longer and cost more, you will see the dog walking benefits yourself: your dog is exercised, stimulated, and in a better state than you left them.

On top of the physical benefits, our four point safety system while dog walking to guarantee your dog is safe. No pack walks. Over one million walks successfully executed.

What sets Biscuits & Bath walks apart?

The Walk Begins

A person in a Biscuits & Bath jacket entering a building
Walks begin when your walker enters your building.

We want to make sure our walkers stay on schedule so you know we will be there within the agreed upon timeframe.

Four Point Safety System

Our Proprietary four point safety system has ensured over one million dog walks done without incident

Scroll down, or click here to watch a video on how it works.

No Pack Walks

a person walking a small dog in a park
No more than three dogs are allowed to be walked by a walker at a time

We keep the dog walking groups small so our walkers can pay attention to how your dog is doing. Small groups also allow for key dog-to-dog socialization to take place while your dog gets exercise.

Consistent Schedule

A walker will always be there for you and your dog

We do our best to keep your walker consistent. In case of unforeseen illness, promotion, or vacation, we will make sure someone is there for you. Rain or shine, holiday or we will be there.

Our Benefits go beyond Dog Walking:
Four-Point Safety System for Dog Walking

See how we utilize our safety system to ensure your dog is safe on their walk with Biscuits & Bath

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