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Don’t worry, we’re here to help! House Breaking

House training early is critical. The longer you wait the harder it gets. Scheduling food and water will help getting your puppy onto a schedule. Never scold your puppy if there is an accident, but you can scold the mistake.

Destructive Chewing

Usually a sign of not enough stimulation. Puppies need lots of exercise and mental stimulation otherwise destructive behaviors come out. Alternate toys so they don’t get bored and limit areas in the house when not supervised.

What food is best?

Typically, all puppies require high calorie content foods. Only feed your puppy food free from by-products and harmful preservatives. We recommend to always add a little hot water to moisten the food, which aids in digestion. Additionally, feed your puppy from your hand to get them used to hands around food to minimize resource guarding.


NYC requires all dogs to be licensed and vaccinated. We can help. Biscuits & Bath has partnered with the city to make registering easy. After setting up an account, go to the link and fill out an on-line form. The tag will come to you in the mail. Its as easy as 1.2.3!

Switching from puppy to adult food?

Every dog and breed is different. Typically the transition should take place over a several week period of time by a % of the two mixed. Additionally, the quantity of food will also vary depending on your dog’s day. Like people, when they exercise a lot, feed more and when they don’t, feed less.

How do I socialize my pup?

Did you know that 8-16 weeks is the critical socialization period for young puppies? Our puppy play groups and transparent, open, pack-environment settings are perfect for puppies to develop their social skills and get the mental and social stimulation they need. Our experienced trainers can handle any behavioral issues your dog may have, whether young or old.

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