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The Benefits of Daycare vs. Dog Walking

With millions of services performed we have found that for most dogs day care is far superior to dog walking.

Dog owners want their dogs to be healthy, happy, adjusted, and well-mannered. NYC can be a very challenging place for a dog to live. Most NYC dog owners have a dog walker for their dog; a dog walk provides little of value beyond giving a dog a chance to relieve itself outside. With over 30 years of experience providing almost seven million services to dogs, Biscuits & Bath has found that day care is a much better experience for many dogs. Come in to one of our locations to experience the many ways that your dog can benefit from day care – all for a great value. Check out our breakdown between daycare vs. dog walking:
Day CareDog Walking
ExerciseAn hour of OFF-LEASH running and playing = four 30min walksTypical walk = 30-60min
Base on age/breed, dogs need 2+ hour of exercise daily
SocializationVetted for health; divided by size and temperamentHigh risk given all the unknowns
Mental StimulationVarying energy levels require in-moment problem-solvingLeads to boredom and undesirable behaviors
Confidence BuildingControlled exposure to new stimuli encouraging curiosity, not fearUnpredictable stimuli creating fear-induced reactions
SafetyOversight from trainers and veterinarian; facility design based on decades of experienceFlight risk, dangers from environment, theft/damage to property
Value$5 – $8/hour$30 – $60/hour

Now that you understand daycare vs. dog walking…

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