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Board & Train FAQ

Can I visit my dog during the Board &

Yes. Please provide a call in advance so we
can be sure your dog is prepared to greet
you. You will also receive regular updates
from the trainer.

How can I make sure my dog will still
behave once back at home?

One private lesson will be reserved for you
and your dog as part of your Board & Train to
ensure you know how to utilize all the skills
your dog has learned.

How far in advance do I need to schedule
my dog’s Board & Train?

Within 3-4 days of contacting us with the
exception of holiday periods in which a
week’s advanced notice is required.

Will my dog ever be left alone?

Associates are on-site 24-hours a day.

What if my dog gets injured or sick?

We will inform you of anything that happens
as soon as it happens. All care is under the
supervision of our on-site veterinarian, New
York Veterinary Practice.

Where do dogs stay during their Board &

You can drop-off at any Biscuits & Bath
location during normal business hours.
Dogs will stay at one our retreat locations.

What is a day like during the Board & Train?

Dogs enjoy a set schedule including daily
relief walks, off-leash running and playing
(based on size and temperament), daily
indoor/outdoor training sessions, and private
suite with on-site overnight supervision.
Our facilities are designed with customized
play areas where dogs enjoy supervised off leash play (divided by size and
temperament), a full medical suite, and
custom overnight suites (bedding provided).

What are the facilities like?

You can watch a location tour here.

Full service? Can I also have my dog

Of course. Please let us know if you would
like to add grooming, veterinary, or
transportation to your dog’s Board & Train

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