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Windsor Court at 155 E. 31st Street

We make having a dog fun, easy, and possible

Residents receive:

Resident BenefitsGeneral Public
Day Care
Single Day$50/day$68/day
15 Day Pass (valid for 60 days)$45/day ($675)$57/day
30-Day Pass (valid for 90 days)$43/day ($1,290)$52/day
10 days in month*$41/day ($410)$60/day
Weekdays in month*$33/day ($770)$42/day
Dog Walking
15 Walks (valid for 60 days)$34/walk ($510)$39/walk
30 Walks (valid for 90 days)$32/walk ($960)$37/walk
Weekday Walk for Month*$30/walk ($660)$33/walk
Overnight Care10% OffVaries
Grooming10% OffVaries
Training10% OffVaries
Veterinary Care10% OffVaries
Pick-up or Drop-Off10% OffVaries
Guaranteed Availability
Feeding Administration
Medication Administration
Last-Minute Transportation Fee
Shuttle (off-site)
Annual Cost$0
*Includes choice of one convenience (weekly brush-out, weekly teeth brushing, weekly 30-minute on-site training session)
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