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Tudor City Place Partnership

Exclusive Rates for Tudor City Residents – Start Now!
Enjoy exclusive rates at our Murray Hill location and seamlessly transition when our tudor city location opens!
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Kickstart your dog’s journey with exclusive founding member rates at our Tudor City location. Plus, enjoy immediate access to our Murray Hill location and secure your spot for when our doors open. No delays, just top-notch care from day one!

As a bonus, the first 50 founding members will receive an exclusive gift to show off their founding member status.

Why Biscuits & Bath?

Dog Care Right at Your Doorstep:
What could be more convenient than having a full-service pet care provider just downstairs? Take care of all your dog’s needs without ever leaving the block! Our Tudor City location offers unparalleled convenience for you and your dog.

Your Exclusive Dog Care Hub:
Whether it’s daycare, dog walking, overnight care, grooming, training, veterinary care, transportation, or even finding your new dog, we’ve got it all. As the only full-service dog care provider in NYC, you’re just steps away from a world of comprehensive care tailored to your pet’s needs. How lucky are you to have everything your dog needs right at your doorstep?

Transparency like No One Else:
Unlike many, we throw open our doors and invite you to explore every corner of our facilities. At Biscuits & Bath, transparency is our hallmark. Our spaces are designed for visibility, with plenty of glass to showcase our dedication to openness. We’re more than happy to give you a behind-the-scenes tour because trust starts with transparency—it’s our promise to you.

Unrivaled Expertise:
With over 30 years of heartfelt dedication and 5 million+ interactions, we’re redefining pet care. Each moment with us is driven by our unwavering compassion and commitment to excellence, ensuring every pet receives the love and attention they deserve.

We make having a dog fun, easy, and possible
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