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Puppy 101: Welcome to the Course!

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You’re about to em”bark” (see what we did there?) on an amazing journey with the newest member of your family: your puppy! Taking care of pups in these formative months can seem like a huge undertaking. After all, puppies require the same ( if not more) attention and care as the average human newborn!

Puppies are delightfully playful, adorably mischievous, and wonderfully affectionate. Bonding and training at this time is what lays the groundwork for your incredible relationship, so It’s important to seek guidance and do your research to ensure a happy, healthy puppy that grows into a strong, behaved, and loving “man’s best friend”.

And that’s the motivation behind our new blog series, Puppy 101. We’re giving you a free guide to your first months as a proud puppy owner. Development in the first 8-16 weeks of a puppy’s life is critical. We’re here to make rearing easy with guidelines for training, hygiene, playtime, and more!

Don’t get overwhelmed by the wonderful process that is puppy rearing. The experience is incredibly rewarding, and something you-and your puppy-will never forget! So stay tuned for all the info we’re about to throw at you- and feel free to email, call, or stop by one of our locations to ask any and all questions you may have!
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