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Puppy 101: It’s Playtime!

It’s time for your weekly dose of puppy-rearing tips!

This week, we’re focusing on the best part of owning a puppy: it’s always playtime!

Puppies are usually far more active, affectionate, and energetic in their earlier months than they are for the rest of their lives-It’s built into their code! Playtime helps your pup exercise,  socialize, and stimulate their brains so their pent-up energy doesn’t result in a ripped-up couch. It’s integral to their development to have appropriate outlets that will help them grow into strong, sociable dogs.

So have some fun reading up on playtime tips in this week’s Puppy 101!








First up, TOYS: get a variety of toys so you have options to redirect their chewing and playfulness. Chew toys, squeaky toys, and big, meaty bones can be purchased in any pet store and will keep your pup busy for hours!

Secondly, find ways to reward appropriate play and behavior with things other than food (i.e. toys, love, attention, etc). This will be key to maintaining their attention when play time moves outdoors.

Thirdly, walks are incredibly important to your puppy. No matter where you live, what the temperature is, or how tired you may be, remember that this is your puppy’s prime form of exposure to the outside world! Work around your schedule to ensure your puppy always receives outdoor time, every single day. If you don’t have time to walk your pup, hire a qualified dog walker to get your dog moving!

Finally, know your breed. What activities was your puppy bred for? What’s your lifestyle? The answers to these questions are not always in-sync. If your puppy is a working or hunting breed, prepare to spend more time outdoors and engage in more hours of exercise.








Those are some incredibly key points, but make sure to speak to a professional familiar with your dog’s needs to devise an optimal playtime schedule…and remember to HAVE FUN!

Biscuits and Bath offers daycare and dog walking in many varieties. If your puppy is still finishing vaccines, we offer special individual puppy sitting. One of our insured, background-checked dog can come play with your puppy, reinforce any training you may be working on, give a feeding, and refresh your pup’s water. Inquire today!

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