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Puppy 101: Healthy and Clean with Proper Hygiene

Welcome to Part 3 of Puppy 101!

This week, we’re going to discuss your puppy’s hygiene. Hygiene is vital to your dog’s overall health and well-being. Not only do you want your dog to smell, look, and feel clean at all times, you also prevent numerous diseases and harmful parasites when you keep your puppy groomed and fresh.








Some key hygiene pointers to stay aware of:

  1. Starting a regular grooming schedule early will allow your dog to get comfortable with the many tools groomers use. Scissors, shears, and clippers can seem threatening to your puppy, so conditioning them not to fear these implements is a very smart move.
  2. As we said above, maintaining proper hygiene prevents numerous health issues. Grooming uncovers issues that are missed by the untrained eye. On countless occasions, our groomers have found nearly life-threatening symptoms on puppies during grooming.
  3. No one wants their fur to host a flea market! By consistently grooming your puppy, you avoid matting, hot spots, and itchy, unhealthy parasites like fleas and ticks. Keep your puppy clean and comfortable by ensuring their beautiful coat stays soft, warm, and clean.
  4. Keeping your puppy’s fur trimmed and under control keeps dog hair off your furniture and out of your drain pipes.
  5. See our previous posts on dog grooming for tips on home ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, and nail trimming.







Great news! Biscuits & Bath offers a 20% discount on dog grooming for puppies under 8 months on both haircuts and baths! If you set up a standing appointment, you’ll always get the time slot and groomer you love, every time!

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