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Keep Critters Away

Summer is upon us NYC, which means you’ll be heading to the Hamptons, Fire Island, the Berkshires or somewhere fabulous!  In an effort to keep you & Rocco out of the vet office we wanted to make sure you were fully equipped to face Mother Nature.  Avoiding issues with fleas, ticks and heartworm all comes down to prevention, Prevention, PREVENTION!


Though the veterinary community has developed vaccines for some tickborne illnesses the need for preventative applications will provide extra insurance as you look to avoid illnesses such as Lyme disease.  Following a bite dogs will sometimes not be symptomatic for up to 7-21 days or longer which mean you, mom & dad, will have to be keeping a close eye on behavior & appetite if you think your pup has come into contact.  Preventative products help kill fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae and ticks.  The most common of which is Frontline but for those of you with a swimmer we suggest K9 Advantix.  Whether you’re at the lake, caught in a down-pour, or need to give the ‘stinker’ a bath, Advantix requires no reapplication!  Keep in mind to purchase these items sales policy requires the presence of a veterinarian/client/patient relationship so plan your office visit before you leave.  Prevention is given monthly following a negative test result, conducted annually by your veterinarian.

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