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HBO Docs: “One Nation Under Dog” Screening Party

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend HBO Documentaries’ screening of One Nation Under Dog. The film depicts the sometimes tragic and most often overlooked truth behind America’s love affair with dogs. Did you know 25% of dogs in shelters are actually purebreds, and many pet store dogs come from mass breeding operations known as puppy mills? Let’s just say my eyes were opened. With euthanization rates performed at a staggering pace there is no question in my mind that our next pup will be an adoptee!

Being a dog care professional for over 15 years, I had little knowledge of the inns & outs of adoption, as my focus primarily resided in dog day care, veterinary care and grooming. This documentary brought much needed awareness to the sad truths of underfunding & over population in this country’s shelters. For those of you needing inspiration look no further than Julie Adams & John Gagnon. With no shelters in her area Julie operating care for more than 100 stray and abandoned dogs on her own land! John Gagnon’s Pet Resort offers sanctuary to those mistreated pups struggling with behavioral issues and unable to be homed for rehabilitation. With such great examples I look forward to volunteering my time with PAWS New England (also featured in the film). Many thanks to Sheila Nevins and her team at HBO Documentaries (and Bogie!) for the invite and the time you took putting together such an important film.

One Nation Under Dog premiers on HBO on June 18 at 9pm EST.
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