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Up Your Market Value With Innovative Pet Amenities

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In the City, we know you've always got to be moving forward at a breakneck pace, or you'll risk becoming irrelevant – in a New York minute!

B&B has always been on the cutting edge of pet wellness, care, and experience. And we're calling it now: Pet amenities spaces are the next big thing, and we want to help your building attract and retain fantastic residents by offering this experience to your community. We've already had success creating spaces for dogs to run and play, right on the property of their human's homes. Differentiate yourself in the crowded residential space and enhance your asset value, hassle free.

Proof of Concept
B&B's first pet amenities space is housed in the luxury apartments at 21 West End Avenue. That space resembles a lush green yard, and dogs are encouraged to socialize, let out energy, and live their best pooch lives - without ever having to leave home! The building management of the exclusive apartment homes were thrilled to partner with us, custom designing an experiential space that specializes in seeing the world a little bit differently, and envisioning ways to better inhabit it.

The Biscuits & Bath Difference

  • Experience - 25+ years in business; over two million dogs walked
  • Full-Service - on-site grooming, training, and veterinary medicine
  • In-House Services - we employ and manage everyone ourselves (no 1099s)
  • Transparency - our clients see and know everything
  • Customization - proprietary technology that allows us to cater to the unique needs of each dog
  • Innovative Programing - we build vibrant communities through compelling events

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